Checking in - November 2013

Still here – checking in on folks when I can.  Lots of stuff going on with the family and school and work – pretty much the same for everyone everywhere.  Haven’t felt the need to opine on things lately as many others who are much smarter than I am are doing a much better job than I ever could.
The garden has been put to sleep for a couple of weeks – a week or so of hard frosts took care of the last bits.  The garden has never been huge but we have learned a lot over the past few years from it.  Food from the garden always tastes better.
Family and pets are all doing good.  Sage is moving a little slower and that is starting to concern me.  I know that her days are numbered, as all of ours are, but it is still difficult.  Read something a while ago about old pets and I think about it daily.  Quality of life is more important to pets than quantity of life.  Sage doesn’t mark her years with a celebration each year – all she knows is that “YES!!! I get a treat this morning!” or “YES!!! I get to take a lap around the block and sniff and smell and see what the other dogs are up to!!”  I need to do more of that with her.
The gals are all doing great.  L is still a handful and keeps us on our toes at all times.  B is doing great as well – I am a very lucky man to have her in my life.
I have more to write, of course, but need to cut this one short.  Original intent was just to say hello and that yes, we are all still alive out here!  I hope that you and yours are all doing well also!  Take care.

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Wilson said...

Glad to hear everything is going good with you!