Had a great time in Spokane this past weekend.  We had lots of wedding-related chores to take care of but I also got spend some time with one of my future brother-in-laws on Saturday, eating BBQ, doing some shooting and watching some little league ball games. 
On Sunday Brigid and I did the Bloomsday run which was my 5th.  The weather was great – a little warm – but blue skies and beautiful.
Was pleasantly surprised when we went shooting at a local range/gun store that they had a pallet of Federal 5.56 for $550 per thousand!  That is about the cheapest I have seen in a while, other than the 5 boxes at a time deal at Cabela’s - Federal for $10 per 20.  The Cabela’s stuff barely had time to weigh the shelf down before it was snatched up but that bulk Federal was still sitting there when we left. 
As with all my visits over there, I really enjoyed Spokane and hope that we end up over there sooner rather than later.  Great town with lots of great people.  My kind of place.


Wilson said...

$550 per thousand almost seems like a bargain these days!

Cari - MN said...
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Cari - MN said...

Hi Jason,
I don't know if you'll remember me - it's been YEARS and we had just stumbled upon each other's blogs way back when. Anyway - someone had stolen my domain. I recovered it in 2010 but just now started resurrecting it. I re-stumbled back upon your blog and wanted to say hello! And CONGRATULATIONS! I wish you a wonderful wedding filled with everything you and your lovely bride can dream!