Ammo Report

Took the day off Monday.  Swung past one of the local Wally Worlds and they actually had Tula 5.56 at normal prices.  The rub was that you could only buy 3 boxes.  The clerk told me that I could come back after 1 and pick up 3 more as there was another person coming on shift.  The vague possibility of maybe getting 3 boxes of steel cased Tula was not enough to get me back there.

However, I went to the other Wally World (yes, there are two) later in the afternoon to pick up a couple of other things and in the ammo case there, they had Tula 9mm for $10.95/50 and 45 ACP for $15.95/50, limit of 3 boxes total, so, I picked up 3 more.  Yes, it is steel cased but I have never had any issues with it. 

Later in the afternoon, I got an email notification that some ammo I ordered online from Cabela’s was in so I stopped to pick up 250 rounds of Czech manufactured Herter brass-cased 45 ACP and 250 rounds of the same in 38 special.  Not a bad haul for one day.

While at Cabela’s I saw that they had quite a few (7 or 8) AR’s on hand – they are packaging them with optics now – you can’t buy one of the ‘cheap’ ones without some kind of scope or red dot on it.  Cheap being $900 for the rifle and anywhere from $200 - $600 for the optic/scope.  They also had a full shelf of Glocks in FDE (19’s, 22’s, 34’s, etc) and a full shelf of S&W M&P 9mm pistols.  I have heard good things about those M&P’s but I have quite a bit invested in Glocks of various sizes and a bushel basket of mags and other accouterments so I am going to stick with those for now.  They are the Crescent Wrenches of my collection.  They aren’t pretty but they always work.

Speaking of pretty – saw one of the Cabela’s Turnbull 1911’s – damn that was a beautiful work of art!  It was displayed next to a Zombie-fied Remington R1 (green and black, seriously) and a tarted up Sig 1911 SXRTPWDRTZQ or some-such.  That Turnbull was something to behold and put those other 1911’s to shame.  I was able to handle it and admire the workmanship, sighed and gave it back to the clerk.  20 minutes later it was gone which is a good thing as I was contemplating….

Ok – that is the report from out here!  Hope everyone is doing well out there.



Is She Dangerous said...

It makes me want to run out to Walmart right now to see how the ammo situation is here. I sure could use some.

Jason said...

Yeah, it is worth swinging through there every now and then, They limit how much you can buy but I hardly pass any up ammo these days as long as the price is not too out of whack. Good luck to you in Colorado and thanks for stopping by.