Gramps and Saipan

Mom and Gramps are almost home after a wonderful trip to revisit Saipan.  He hasn’t been there since 1945 where he flew 37 missions in a B-29 bomber in the 878th Squadron, 499th Bomb Group.  They were treated like royalty all the way there and back by the pilots and staff of United Airlines, got to spend some time in Hawaii and see the Flight Museum there and enjoy the warm weather.  I will write more about this as I come to grips with the overwhelming emotion this trip fills me with.

Here are a couple of great stories posted in the local news websites out there about his trip:

Saipan Tribune:  Two WWII Veterans Honored During Saipan Visit

Marianas Variety: WWII B-29 Co-pilot LeRoy Florence visits Saipan  (a bit of error in the story – Gramps sold AIRPLANES not Air Conditioning!  He will get a kick out of that)



Crucis said...

Glad they're doing well. Your mom and I are going to a 2nd Amendement rally in Jeff City next month.

I've been following their trip. I doubt the KC Star will take notice.

Mom said...

Actually.....after he came home from the war he spent a couple years working at the VA and then went with Troug-Nichols selling air conditioning (and heating) before he sold airplanes. Gramps' memories of the past are pretty accurate, but he (just as I am) is having difficulties with what happened last week! It was an astonishing trip and I am working on writing down all the details before I forget! Ha!

Crucis said...

Family histories are important. My daughter wanted me to write our family history. That started my blog.

Jason said...

Well, I guess I stand corrected! This the first I have ever heard about the air conditioning bit!